Thursday, June 14, 2012

Win a mini quilt!

Hey there everyone!
          Do you want to win a mini quilt? This has got to be the easiest contest ever. All you have to do is submit a photo of a quilt you absolutely love. You can email it, post the pin, post the link, find a way to get it to me! From the submissions I will pick my favorite. The winner will recieve a mini quilt. Whats a mini quilt? Its a small quilt used for decoration. Google it :)

Emails can be directed to
You have until June 25th 12:01am. Only one submission per person. If you submit one then find a better one ill count whichever one you like better. You must clearly identify which you like best in that case. AND GO!!!!



    1. Well Kate, you won! I decided to do a drawing instead of "my favorite." Out of the 4 participants your number was drawn. Contact me at with your address and favorite colors. If you have a request for something on the mini quilt I'd like to hear it.

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