Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Circus love!

So you've been looking for a circus print have you? Well have I got the quilt for you. I stumbled upon these darling prints about 8-9 months ago. It's been sitting there begging to be crafted. Finally I got a chance to do my magic with these. The front is a preprint panel. The back I used the coordinating prints to create a simple strip pieced back. It's so cute! I folded the back into the front to create the binding. It turned out perfectly.


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oliver's Owls!

Oh boy! This was a very fun quilt. I have been waiting patiently for an order with owls in it. In fact I have several owl prints that Ive been holding on to for the right time. The mommy and I went through some online sources until we found the perfect owl print. We used similar colors that were in the print. I was excited to try my hand at a 3-d pinwheel quilt. This one is absolutely darling!

Quilts like this one are available for purchase http://www.etsy.com/shop/rlbarlow or http://www.facebook.com/barlowbaby2  I will not replicate a quilt that I have made for another customer but you can order one similar. We all want unique gifts right!

Pattern is here:  http://pinterest.com/pin/66428163223908492/ Follow the instructions on the pin to access the pattern. If viewing from a handset I will warn you that I had to get on the computer to view and purchase the pattern.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Making a big big gift.

Many of you are familiar with my April quilt project because you have followed along on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/barlowbaby2. I wanted to share the official finished project over here. Around April 1st I started a massive project to make a 90 by 90in quilt with over 1500 pieces. My friend was getting married and I wanted to give it to her as a gift. So I spent April cutting and sewing. That is all I did all month. I swear! I got so tired of sewing that I wanted to go out of business haha. Well without further ado here is the big beauty! Along with a link to the pattern.

This photo was taken outside. Please excuse the son spot and wavy look. It was blowing in the breeze.

Photos taken by Kristen Rake at http://www.facebook.com/rakephotography

Friday, May 18, 2012

There is real talent here.

I went on vacation for a week. I just got home in the middle of this week. When I came home I was warned "Do not go into the garage!" Oh yay! That meant there was something in there for me. I was very excited and anxious to see. You see, my birthday is today. My darling husband made me something! He is one truly talented guy. Among the things he has made me are: an iron lily, a wooden box with copper lilies inside, and a wooden photo album. Thats just to name a few. Just recently he took one of my belts and took 3.5 inches off it so I could still enjoy wearing it.  I am one lucky lady. So without further ado here is my birthday gift. 

 It is a mini replica of my rocking chair. It comes with a quilt attached that is in the process of being put together. My rocker was a resale shop find. While he was researching for this project he found out that my chair is a mans chair. It was made in the 1890's! It is officially my oldest possession! I love it! I love both of these so much.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just keep sewing till you go crazy!

Why does any sane person take 12 different fabrics, cut them into tiny pieces, then sew them back together? Every quilter does it! Recently I started a very challenging project. Not only is it huge, 90in. By 90in. unfinished, but I had a deadline too. I'm going to my friends wedding and I needed this project finished before I left. So logic would tell you to start months in advance. I have no logic. I started in April. I leave in May. So for the last 4 weeks I have sewn, cut, and ironed over 1500 pieces together. I have slaved away in my crafting sanctuary to the point of no return. I have cried in fear of not completing this monstrous beauty. Here we are May 1st. All 100 blocks are complete. These last steps are the easy part. Sew it together, quilt it, finish it. Done!! So soon this loving piece of artwork will be completed and on its way to its new home. It's always a sad and happy experience. I'm thrilled to hear the praises of love from the customer but sad to watch my hard work leave. Ah, it is so worth it though. So I continue to sew, to procrastinate, and to rejoice when they are finished. Just keep sewing!