Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Lonestar With Sashing

I recently decided to recreate a beloved quilt I saw online. I was having issues making it because there weren't instructions on how to add sashing to the typical lonestar pattern. 

So I did my best and ended up messing it all up. I was able to back track and figure out how to fix it. 

Here are some tips on how to add sashing. 

• Add your sashing during strip sewing 

• I couldn't figure out how to add the outer sashing. This is where my diamonds were getting all screwed up. So I removed it. It turned out amazing without outer sashing.

• I think that to correctly sew the outer sashing on the diamonds you'd actually need to cut the sashing in half so the total when sewn together equals your sashing width. 
• Make sure you figure in any seam allowances. Don't be afraid to play around with two diamond blocks to figure it out before sewing all 8 incorrectly. 😉
Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Haha! 

• I cut 14in triangles to create my diamond blocks.