Sunday, June 10, 2012

Learn to quilt from the best!

Have you always wanted to sew or quilt? One excellent way to learn is to join your local guild. By joining you're insuring that sewing and quilting have a future in your community! You're support a local charity that gives back to the community.

What do they do at the guild? They offer classes of all kinds! Not just quilting but other crafts too. They hold retreats. They volunteer in the community by donating quilts, teaching or reading to children, or even helping veterans in need. Many guild meeting have special speakers who are some well know teachers and authors!

Don't be afraid! Jump in! Meet new people. Many of these men and woman have been sewing for decades! Learn from the best!

In San Antonio? Here's our link:
Google "(your city) quilt guild!"

Be my guest! Come join me next month.

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