Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Modge Podge Fabric Coasters DIY

This one is so simple! There are about 100k of these tutorials floating around. If you need custom coasters or gifts this is just for you!

You'll need:
Tiles, modge Podge (the finish is upto you,) fabric pieces, paint brush, & clear coat.

Cut your fabric to fit your tiles. You can make shapes or anything you desire.

Paint a layer of MP on your tile. Well do one at a time. Quickly apply your fabric. You have a few seconds to make adjustments.

Smooth, but do not stretch, the fabric over tile evening and flattening it out.

Let it sit and work with your other tiles.

Go back to the first tile and apply 1 or more costs of MP over the fabric. Allow it to set in between layers.

Let it dry completely. Spray your clear coat on top. Let that dry. All done!

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