Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just keep sewing till you go crazy!

Why does any sane person take 12 different fabrics, cut them into tiny pieces, then sew them back together? Every quilter does it! Recently I started a very challenging project. Not only is it huge, 90in. By 90in. unfinished, but I had a deadline too. I'm going to my friends wedding and I needed this project finished before I left. So logic would tell you to start months in advance. I have no logic. I started in April. I leave in May. So for the last 4 weeks I have sewn, cut, and ironed over 1500 pieces together. I have slaved away in my crafting sanctuary to the point of no return. I have cried in fear of not completing this monstrous beauty. Here we are May 1st. All 100 blocks are complete. These last steps are the easy part. Sew it together, quilt it, finish it. Done!! So soon this loving piece of artwork will be completed and on its way to its new home. It's always a sad and happy experience. I'm thrilled to hear the praises of love from the customer but sad to watch my hard work leave. Ah, it is so worth it though. So I continue to sew, to procrastinate, and to rejoice when they are finished. Just keep sewing!

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