Friday, April 20, 2012

Ode to the Jelly Roll!

When I first started quilting I couldn't understand why people bought Jelly Rolls. I sure do now! I took on quite a challenge with my current project. It requires 1500 pieces. The size will be over 90 by 90 when its done. That's pretty big to me since I make mostly children quilts. So lots and lots and lots of hours cutting! This is where the Jelly Roll is worth its weight in gold. Its a bunch of  2 1/2 in strips that  are already cut for you. Boy that could save me lots of time. Now if you have a cutting system like the Accuquilt then you can bust out these strips pretty fast. Ive been doing it the old fashioned way. :/

There are a ton of cute quilts you can make using jelly rolls.

Like this one!
Or this one
Want awesome Jelly Rolls... go here

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