Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear Mr. Postman!

I love you!

      Today the postman brought Ace his own glorious sewing machine. I know what your thinking but it is safe. Trust me! It's wooden! No sharp needle. It uses yarn and Ace's manpower to move the components! Hopefully this helps him with his desire to touch my machines. So far it hasn't worked. Ha. I think it's very important to teach our young children a skill that could come in handy in daily life especially if we have to revert to trading to make a living. So Ace gets to learn how to sew. I'm sure daddy will teach him how to weld too.

This postman also brought us some goodies from our family out of state. We moved during Christmas time so they had been keeping them until we got settled in. My sister bought me this lovely owl! It is absolutely beautiful! My mom bought Ace his Grinch ornament and I got the Willow Tree figurine. Its called The Quilt. How fitting. I love it! What a wonderful day at the mailbox! Yay :)


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