Sunday, October 28, 2012

Finding the blessings in your terrible day.

This weekend the Mr. and I had a lot to do! Today Mr. had scheduled a big motocross race. We got up early, 5 am ouch! We drove 30 minutes. He raced and I chased our kiddo around. He had 4 races for 2 classes so he was busy. We had all our gear and tools set up at our car.
In MX sports most attendees are trustworthy. Everyone watches out for everyone. There are thousands of dollars of equipment just sitting out on trailers and next to trucks. Mr. got his 1st and 2nd trophies (yay!) and headed to the car. Loaded up our gear and realized we had been robbed!
Our tool box and air tank had been stolen from the back of our trailer. A couple thousand dollars worth of tools are gone. At first I felt victimized and filled with anger, sorrow, and bitterness. Then I stopped crying. I trust my Holy Father. I know that bad things happen, for no reason and for reasons. So I prayed. I thanked him for all the blessings we have. Our car was unlocked and all our money was inside. Our cash envelopes, my purse, our phones with photos, all in the car. Thank God that none of that was touched! Photos are not replaceable.
No one lost their life. No one was physically injured. Maybe that person who stole from us will use those tools to repair something that could've seriously hurt someone. All is not lost. It hurts to feel violated but I'm not wearing a robe of bitterness and anger. No thanks!

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