Saturday, August 25, 2012


When I sit down to sew there are a few things I desire. One of them is perfection. I know it's unrealistic to expect perfection while sewing. Many of the quilts I make have minor flaws that I say "defines them and gives them character." However, I still desire nice clean, neat, perfectly straight or curved stitches, crisp lines, etc. I'm learning as I sew to stop letting the desire for perfection ruin the beauty and joy of the project. You'd think after 10 years of quilting I would know by now! Juggling motherhood and crafting are difficult. So the time I get to sew is limited and I cannot be as meticulous as I once was. We are all our toughest critics right? I think sometimes that's very true. Other times we picked the wrong person to craft for! Ha!
I stumbled upon these two gems just now. They both are so true. Thanks for the reminder, world!

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